Modular Workstations

Modular Workstations [Ergonomic Furniture]

  • • All material is treated with Iron Phosphate and painted with a baked on enamel.
  • • To determine clear opening, deduct Post width from bay opening.
  • • Units GROW 1/2" both ways plus 1/4" growth for End to End or Back to Back units.
  • • Shelves can be bolted top and bottom with adjustable clips for all other shelf's giving you maximum strength for many heavy-duty applications.
  • • Applications from 450 lbs per shelf to over 2000 lbs. per shelf (see specs below)
  • • This shelving is sometimes called "box shelving"


  • • Non-handed legs and pedestals make specifying and installing amazingly simple.
  • • Freestanding CSII workstations quickly and easily configure and reconfigure to accommodate changing work trends and requirements.
  • • Desk pedestals provide a cavernous 30" of storage. Full extensions ball bearing slides used on all pedestal drawers.
  • • Desk-mounted hutches with elegant, radiused front doors preserve workspace and create privacy when used with optional tack panels.
  • • Fabric panels are available in a variety of heights and can be stacked or ganged to create virtually any privacy and fabric combination.
  • • Ability to add the healthy benefits of height adjustability to CSII workstations by incorporating VariTask bases in bridge and corner applications.
  • • Improve workspace efficiency by adding comfort and flexibility to workstations with Mayline ergonomic support products




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[Modular Workstations] Ergonomic Furniture

When it comes to technical desking, Mayline has set the standard for innovation. The VariTask Adjustable Workcenter was built out of the concept that work stations should be able to adjust to meet individual needs - whether sitting or standing. The VariTask technology, pioneered by the Mayline Company more than thirty years ago, provides work surfaces, even keyboard surfaces, that can be adjusted for height and angle. Today, VariTask Adjustable Workcenters are offered in a wide range of sizes, styles and configurations to complement the most widely used office furniture systems. This product line was designed to promote user comfort and increase productivity.

We offer solutions for:


Since high-use workstations present special ergonomic problems, VariTask is a perfect solution since it adjusts to accommodate the individual user. VariTask is great for operator assist, telecommunications or help desk functions.


VariTask's vast capabilities and large work surfaces make it adaptable to any engineering or design project. The wide range of adjustibility allows for working while seated or standing and VariTask can accommodate both single and dual monitor applications.


With groups of people moving in and out of a training center on a regular basis, designing a workstation that is comfortable for everyone is problematic. With VariTask, each new group that arrives on site can adjust the table for their own needs in a matter of seconds.


VariTask is available in a variety of colors and finishes, all designed to complement leading office furniture systems. VariTask is easily retrofitted into existing office systems




Please call for pricing Houston: 713-697-8888

Toll Free: 1-888-321-1997