File Moves and Equipment Relocation

File Range Moving

Internal file range moving is made easy by incorporating Shelving Exchange, Inc. specialized personnel and moving equipment.Shelving Exchange, Inc.personnel come to your site, pack your file range onto rolling shelves, relocate it and replace your files in the correct order within the same floor while the collection remains fully intact. Ideal for remodeling, renovation, and ADA compliance projects.

Building to Building Moves

Whether moving across the street or across the country, the sophisticated "Shelving Exchange, Inc. System" of color-coding and labeling maintains shelf list order at all times. Shelving Exchange, Inc. Movers utilize specialized trucks and moving equipment specifically designed for moving file materials outside of the building.

Consulting/Project Management

  • • Pre-bid review
  • • Bid specification development
  • • Bid specification samples provided
  • • Budget Pricing: Need a budget figure for your next file move? Just call us.
  • • Most of the time we can provide budgetary figures over the phone, but if a site visit is necessary, we can accommodate that as well.
  • • Fill-ratio computations and growth analysis
  • • Integration and segregation planning
  • • Space planning
  • • Proven methods and move management implemented throughout the records management industry

Shelving Installation Services

"One Source" disassemble, move and re-assemble services Layout and re-configuration design services


Shelving exchange, Inc. utilizes the best technology and tools producing the most efficient and effective means for file relocations. Most facilities can remain open and functional during their entire file move.

  • • Transporters - mobile shelving units on wheels
  • • Spider Crane - lifts and moves fully loaded files and microfiche cabinets
  • • Library dollies - equipped with soft, rubber coated, non-marring wheels
  • • Sophisticated labeling system promoting the highest level of organization and control when moving File Rooms
  • • Air-Ride vehicles - allow for soft, non-jarring transportation of file room materials
  • • Protective materials for floors, walls and corners provided for building interiors

When Space is Limited, Open Up to the Possibilities with Aurora Mobile Storage Systems

No matter what your business environment, space is valuable and, and Aurora Mobile can help you utilize your space more efficiently. By rolling right up against each other and gliding apart for easy access, an Aurora Mobile eximinates the multiple aisles required in static shelving and filing systems. Depending on your current shelving arrangement, an Aurora Mobile could store your materials in as little as half the space---freeing up valuable square footage for the growth of your business. Call us for your free design and layout and let us show you how much space you can save.

We Specialize in File and File Room Moves

Time-2 Versatility is Unmatched!

The rotating design of Times-2 allows dual access to your documents from one or both sides. Other filing systems simply can't match the flexibility of Times-2. This is the HIPAA answer for most. Want to see an actual demonstration of the Times-2 go to our website at

We specialize in File and File Room Moves

Aurora Shelving Comes in 22 Standard Colors to Create An Awesom Fileroom.

Aurora shelving invented the four-post way of filing back in the 1950's. It has been the industry leader in not only quality but color choices.

We specialize in File and File Room Moves