Aurora Times 2 Rotary

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Save Space The unique back-to-back, double-depth design allows you to store up to twice as much material in half the floor space as with conventional drawer files.

Increase Storage Capacity Substituting traditional drawer files with Times-2 Speed Files can dramatically increase the amount of stored material in a limited amount of space.

Flexibility whether positioned up against a wall or panel, grouped back-to-back in banks, built into an alcove or used as a room divider, Times-2 Speed Files (available in six different heights) will integrate into any type of floor plan.


Modular Design Outstanding versatility is a major benefit of Times-2 Speed Files. You can customize each Times-2 Speed File to meet your individual storage need. File folders, either hanging or end tab, books, binders, audio and video tapes, CD ROM, can all be efficiently housed in each unit. We offer a variety of accessories designed to accommodate all your storage needs.