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AURORA Mobile Storage Shelving

AURORA Mobile Storage Systems are designed to maximize the use of floor space at the same time give full access to your valuable, frequently-used files or storage of any kind. High Density Storage Systems reduce the wasted aisle space and require one-half the space of static shelving systems. Aurora Mobile storage systems are moveable shelving carriage is mounted on a track way. The fully-welded carriages can be operated by electric, mechanical assist, or by hand push. Moveable shelving Units are usually constructed with a rotary handle on the exterior accessible face. When revolved, the handle operates the mechanism which winds the single, connected, filing unit either left or right, depending on a clockwise or counter clockwise rotation of the handle. By eliminating the need for an aisle between every shelving unit, more floor space can be utilized for storage. The tracks are leveled to eliminate gradients in the supporting floor. This makes it possible to move heavy units with minimal effort. Aurora shelving is placed on the track system and adjusted to customize your shelving needs. We recommend using a qualified installer. Shelving Exchange has professional shelving installers nationwide while providing all shelving services from start to finish, from layout drawings to installation at your site.

High Density Mobile shelving systems are typically used for academic or commercial applications where a significant volume of physical archive material, filing or books are to be stored. Industries such as oil companies for filing storage, medical offices for filing storage, Military & Law Enforcement for gun storage and government evidence storage, Law firms for binder storage, Back room Retail stores for Back room Storage and much more. These include or records, or file-intensive offices such as the legal or accountancy professions.

Mobile storage is laid out by our experienced sales team. Contact us for you customized mobile shelving. 713-697-8888 Or Toll Free 1-888-321-1997

Color Options
– Aurora Mobile Can be ordered in twenty nine colors in our eco-friendly Gloss-tek Powder coat. See Color Selector (click to clolor Slector)

End Panel Options
– Choose from a variety of Mobile Shelving end panel: Steel End Panels, Chain Box, Wood-Tek Ten panel and Laminate End Panels. We can match most colors and styles to flow with your office.

Shelving Sizes
– Custom Shelving layouts can be made to maximize your space and get the best options for your needs. Custom sizes are available upon request. Aurora Mobile Shelving Comes in a huge assortment of Heights, depths and widths.

Typical Sizes

Mobile Storage Shelving Ramp & Rail (Track & Deck for Mobiles)

Aurora Mobile features a variety of ramp options including standard ramp, single-sided ramp for mobile installations against a wall, or Twin Ramp. Both single-sided and Twin Ramp are available with Anti-Tip or Chain Channel

Rail Options

In addition to standard Barrier Free, rail can be ordered with various combinations listed here:

• Single and Dual Anti-Tip • Deck Plate • Running Rail • Special Wedge Plate for Seismic Applications

Barrier Free Rail

Aurora Mobile rail is barrier free which allows unimpeded aisle access for carts or wheelchairs for individuals with disabilities.


Aurora Mobile Twin Rampp

Aurora Mobile Standard Ramp

Aurora Rail w/ Wood Decking

Aurora Mobile Rail


Aurora Mechanical Assist Mobile

Mechanical assist gearing enables smooth and effortless movement of even heavily loaded carriages. Special gearing allows for fewer handle turns for faster retrieval.


Aurora Power3® Electric Mobile

The intelligent choice for high powered storage applications. Plug-and-play operation, selective security, the ultimate in safety.


Aurora Mobile

Aurora Side-to-Side™
Imagine two or three rows of storage at your fingertips. By moving the front row left or right you have access to the back row. A two row letter size is only 26" deep, and the two row legal size is 32" deep. This modular lateral mobile is a simple and versatile system that can grow with your business.


NEW-Aurora Tempo™

Setting a new pace for mobile storage

All systems come in standard depths as Single Entry or Double Entry with slotted or unslotted Aurora Shelving*. System lengths range from 3' to 16'. Order your system from a menu of fixed options with quick shipping times.

The new Aurora Tempo provides unsurpassed value in a mobile storage system. With standard units and options, we’re able to pass along big benefits in a system that sets a whole new pace for storage.

  • Standard configurations offer great value
    • Quik-Ship program
    • Large selection of heights, widths, and depths
    • Ramp and security options
  • Easy installation
    • Preassembled carriages
    • Modular rails for system expansion or relocation
  • Smooth carriage operation to move heavy loads easily
  • Carriage weight capacity 1,000 lbs. per foot
  • Anti-Tip available


Aurora Manual Mobile

An economical, dependable system for any type of storage. Carriages up to 8 feet in length.